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Import Your Old/New SoloAd Lists With Our New Service From $0.05 Cents Per Lead
100-3000 Subscribers
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100-3000 Subscriber Import

Mention that "Rodney Stokes" referred you for discount!

3000-6000 Subcribers
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3000-6000 Subscriber Import

Mention that "Rodney Stokes" referred you for discount!

6000+ Subscribers
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6000+ Subscriber Import

Mention that "Rodney Stokes" referred you for discount!

Why Buy Subscribers From Us?

  • Fast and SAFE Subscribers!

    Once your order is placed you’ll begin to receive leads within 24 hours! Our fine tuned technique ensures safe and fast delivery of your subscribers!

  • Works on Numerous ARs!

    Our technique works with numerous ARs from GR, GVO, Sandreach and many others just contact us to see if your AR is suitable!

  • Value for MONEY!

    Building your list is expensive and Solo Ad costs are high, here you get leads for a mere 0.05c per GUARANTEED subscriber! It’s a no brainer if you ask me!

How Our Service Works

  • Step 1

    We take your payment and take a HTML web-form and a squeeze page URL for the referral tag & place it into our advanced back-end system.

  • Step 2

    We will ask you to send the list of emails you wish to market in your Auto-Responder account and place them in our system ready to be imported.

  • Step 3

    Sit back and watch as the leads are imported directly into your Auto-Responder mailing list in a natural looking schedule.

See your followup clicks and opens increase drastically, enabling you to sell more clicks to SoloAd buyers !! It really is that easy!

Check Out Our Reviews

I’ve been buying subscriber imports from these guys for months now, and they always overdeliver on order so i get more for my money. My CTR has improved alot with the help of these guys. I’m always coming back for more - David

David Furman,

My Review: So far - Great ! CTRs are very decent and the service is BLAZING FAST. Tons of subscribers for an extremely low price. Highly reccomended ~ Jan Brzeski

Jan Brzeski,

Hey guys, I just want to let you know that your package is amazing.leads are coming in very fast & responsive to my broadcast, Keep them coming , Good job ! :)

Phillipe top,

I want to say a big "thank you" to Bhav and his friend for a great service and really great communication. Highly reccomend and not only for business :) Thank you guys

Eliran Harary,

Tried out the import service provided the leads and received all my leads in a timely fashion and boosted my email list by 10,000 for a mere $300. This was a no brainer. Thanks again

Charles Joseph,

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